Classroom Rules

The following are general rules that each student is expected to follow at each grade level.

1. Enter classroom quietly, no yelling, pushing, or running. Take your seat without disturbing others in the room or other classrooms.

2. Be prepared for class. Bring books, paper, pencils erasers, homework, and completed assignments to class. Teachers are not required to allow students to go back to their lockers to get assignments, school materials, etc.

3. RESPECT THE RIGHTS, VIEWS, AND OPINIONS OF OTHERS. Do not disturb, hit, poke, or bother others in any way. DO NOT DISRUPT the class by talking or getting out of your seat. Raise your hand when you want to answer or ask a question.

4. Do not bring gum, food, or candy to school. This means no food, gum, or candy should be eaten while in the halls, between classes, in the classroom, or on the way to the gym or lunchroom.

5. Electronic devices (games, cameras, radios, IPODS, etc) are not allowed. Items confiscated from students will be brought to the main office where the items will be logged in under the student’s name. The items will be stored in the main office. The items will only be returned to the student’s parents or legal guardian, and it is the student’s responsibility to inform their parent/guardian that an item has been confiscated. Parents should call the office to arrange a time to retrieve the item. The parent will be asked to identify the item and sign for it before it can be released. Any student who persistently brings impermissible items to school will be disciplined in accordance with MPS’ Code of Student Behavior. Any items not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to charity.


7. DO NOT deface any school property. Students’ desks, lockers, restroom walls, or hallway walls should never be defaced by SCRIBBLING, DRAWING, OR WRITING.

8. SAFETY: Think and act safely at all times. NEVER throw anything at anytime and always follow the DIRECTIONS OF THE TEACHER.

NOTE: Hallway Behavior: Everyone is expected to act like ladies and gentlemen in the hallways. Running, yelling, horse playing, and public displays of affection will not be tolerated. Students are asked to walk to the right of the hallway.

Floyd Middle Magnet School is governed by the Montgomery Public Schools’ CODE OF STUDENT BEHAVIOR. It is the responsibility of each parent and student to read the Code and be familiar with its contents. Violators of our school rules and procedures will be dealt with accordingly and may be removed from Floyd Middle Magnet School.

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