Health and Safety


Accident insurance is offered at the beginning of the school year. If you elect to take this coverage, the policy should be read carefully to determine benefits and limits.


It is the responsibility of the student or his/her parent to see that all accidents, major or minor, that occur on school grounds be reported to the school office as soon as possible. Students must report all accidents that occur on school property to the person in charge at the time of the accident.


Students must have a medication form on file in the main office if medication is to be administered at school. Only medication prescribed by a physician can be dispensed. Note: Students may carry inhalers only after a medical form has been filed in the main office. Parents are encouraged to report any medical problems or conditions to school officials at the beginning of each school term.


All students must have an up-to-date shot record on file at the start of the school year. If you have questions about your child’s shot record, please contact the Guidance Office at (334) 284-7132.



It is necessary to have your correct address, zip code, and telephone number as part of your child’s record. Two emergency names and numbers must be on file in case the parent cannot be contacted. If there are any changes, please notify the school as soon as possible.


Fire drills and emergency drills will be held frequently as well as bus evacuation drills.


No one is allowed on the school campus without permission during the school day. Parents and visitors coming on campus during the day must come to the main office upon arrival and departure to sign in/out to receive/return a visitor’s pass. Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms; however, the office must be notified prior to the visit. Students visiting from other schools are prohibited. Any visitor who causes a disruption, distraction or any other interference in the teaching and learning process will be asked to leave immediately. The principal will have the right to have a disruptive visitor removed by school security and/or the police department as well as the right to terminate future visiting privileges.

Guidelines for School Visitors are Board Policy. Please refer to the Code of Student Behavior.

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