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7th Grade Boys Basketball

1. All Basketball players must pay $350 to participate on the 2016-17 7th grade Floyd Boys Basketball Team. The $350 will cover: Activity/Participation Fees, spirit pack, uniform rental, pre and or post game meals, and any other cost that is associated with participating with the team. A payment plan is in place for those needing to spread the cost over time. All Fees must be paid in full by the first scheduled game (TBA).

2. The forms needed to practice and compete are: a copy of the Birth Certificate, a Physical, The Star Sportsmanship Test (Code: Star00707 for parents and students), a Concussion Form that has to be notarized, a copy of an Insurance Card and The Student Agreement/Release.

3. THERE IS MANDATORY STUDY HALL EVERY MORNING STARTING OCTOBER 11,2016 IN COACH TALDON’S ROOM 11 FOR BOYS BASKETBALL FROM 8:00AM – 8:30AM, NO EXCEPTIONS! Passes will be given to student-athletes that need additional help from their core teachers.

4. For pre-season strength and conditioning/tryouts, players will need to wear: black shorts or black Floyd P.E shorts and wear a PLAIN white t-shirt or their Floyd P.E. t-shirt. Student-Athletes are also advised to bring a pair of running shoes for the cross-country portion of the strength and conditioning program.

5. Strength and conditioning (NO Weights) will be followed by open gym (4p.M. TO 6P.M. Monday and Wednesday), until the official start of tryouts.

6. It is recommended that each student-athlete drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruit, whole grains and foods that are high in protein. I also recommend that players pack pre-practice snacks to hold them over between lunch and the end of practice.

7. For those that make the team, practices will be: Monday-Thursday (4PM-6:10PM) with Friday and SUNDAYS as our off days. Majority practices will be held at the Floyd Community Center , the facility gym next door to FLOYD ELEMENTARY or Southeast YMCA.(TBA)

8. Student-Athletes’ will be expected to attend and participate at every practice unless they are injured or sick.

9. Student-Athletes’ will be allowed to have excused absences from practice. The unexcused absence from practice will not be allowed and each player must have documentation to indicate reasons before playing or practicing . Furthermore , several unexcuses the student-athlete will be dismissed from the 7tth grade Floyd Middle Magnet Basketball Team. Late student-athletes will be required to undergo corrective training at the discretion of the coach. Excessive tardiness will subject the student-athlete to possible dismissal from the team at the discretion of the head coach along with recommendations from the Floyd Middle Magnet Athletic Board.

10. At the end of the Basketball playing season, all student-athletes’ are required to return any equipment and uniforms that are the property of FMMS. (Student-Athletes’ will keep their spirit packs).

7 and 8th Grade Boys Basketball

By signing:

As a Student-Athlete, I understand and will follow all of the suggestions that are listed above and as a parent, I agree to allow my child to participate on the 8th Grade Floyd Middle Magnet School Boys Basketball Team.

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7 th and 8th Grade Boys Basketball

For the young men that make the team, along with your parents; here is what is expected from you to ensure a prosperous 2016-17 season.

1. We must have full participation in our fundraising efforts.

a. I have a couple of fundraising opportunities ready for implementation.

b. Suggestions are welcome, we won’t all members involved.

2. 10 hours of community service (Team Events)

a. I have a few events already planned, just waiting on the dates.

3. There are 5 colleges in the Montgomery area (ASU, AUM, Faulkner, Huntingdon & Auburn). I am planning a team event to attend at least 1 game of each of those teams. I will have the dates for those events as soon as each of the programs have released their schedules for the season.

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